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Vision and Mission Statementе

The International Professional Guild of Game Facilitators-Psychologists, hereinafter referred to as the Guild, is a voluntary association of professional psychologists and organizations specializing in the gamification of the psychological practice and the development of relevant projects, as well as of enterprises providing psychological services.

The Guild aims to create most favorable conditions for the psychological services gamification market to develop effectively and dynamically.  We generate favorable conditions for the game facilitators-psychologists' creative and professional development, thus boosting Russia's health and welfare levels. 

The Guild provides support to its members, advancing their competence and professionalism.
Through its activities and the activities of its members, the Guild seeks to positively impact the development of the practical psychology gamification market and--as a result--the game facilitators-psychologists' professional public image. 

The Guild Aims:

  • To fully unlock the creativity and professional potential of Guild members; to help increase the level of professional knowledge and skill of Guild members; to create favorable conditions for their professional growth and business success.•

  • To integrate the academic and research methods and techniques of the psychological services gamification into the psychological practice, in order to improve Russia's psychological health.

  • To coordinate the development of the play psychotherapy uses and approaches to the psychological gamification of business and education--for the popularization of experts and organizations working and cooperating in the psychological services gamification field.

  • To involve professional psychologists into the Guild and to promote professional development of Guild members.

  • To participate in the promotion of unique signature methods and techniques in the psychological services gamification field.

  • To create a single professional body which will enable game facilitators-psychologists to network and exchange experiences and information. 

  • To create a favorable public image of the Guild in order to promote relevant socially worthy projects within the field.

  • To approve uniform standards for Guild members rendering psychological services.

  • To organize and run research and practice conferences, seminars, symposia, festivals, creative meetings, and other cultural events aimed at promoting and developing the psychological services gamification field.

  • To establish special Guild scholarships, awards, and grants; to single out and nominate Guild members for titles of honor.

  • To nominate candidates for awards established by other organizations and government agencies within and outside Russia.

  • To carry out cross media publishing.

  • To prompt professional consolidation for game facilitators-psychologists with representatives of different psychological directions, as well as with other experts engaged in the psychological services gamification field (business representatives, publishers, etc.).

  • To increase the occupational prestige of game facilitators-psychologists and play-psychotherapists, and to shape demand for the new profession.

  • To prompt the attraction of investors and employers; to enhance the regulatory and legal framework; to achieve other goals in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • To develop scientific and methodological aspects of the psychological services gamification; to organize and run counseling and expert panels for the creators of new psychological gamification methods and techniques.

  • To expand and develop business contacts and cooperation with other similar associations and research teams; to establish information exchange and scientific ties with government, commercial, and public organizations; to organize temporary and permanent workshops; to form research, creative, and outreach teams. 


The Guild Goals:


  • To prompt development and excellence of the Guild's activities within the psychological services gamification field.

  • To engage in the preparation of curricular programs and internships.

  • To create joint events promoting services rendered by Guild members within and outside Russia;

  • To expand and strengthen the membership of the Guild by training and involving new experts into the Guild.

  • To evaluate Guild members' qualifications pertaining to their professional research and practice field.

  • To draft proposals on the organization and participation in research and practice conferences, symposia, seminars, professional skills competitions, exhibitions, etc.

  • To promote civilized and well-meaning partnership for enhancing professional cooperation among game facilitators-psychologists. 

  • To create a complete and objective informational system reflecting the current state of the psychological services gamification field by means of e-newsletters, conferences, forums, and lectures.

  • To organize and run curricular programs and events aimed at advancing Guild members' knowledge levels and professional skills.

  • To organize and run conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and other events in accordance with the aims and goals established.

  • To collect and spread information on the modern principles and methods of the psychological services gamification, taking into account Russian and foreign experience in the event management sphere.

  • To accommodate Guild members with maintaining a unified information database of the services market evolution in the psychological services gamification field, both within and outside Russia; to run training courses for Guild members.

  • To provide venues for experts' spoken presentations at conferences and seminars to help promote their achievements.

  • To engage and unite the most promising Guild members for participation in international conferences and seminars.

  • To invite leading psychological gamification experts, both Russian and foreign, to run curricular programs for Guild members.

  • To publish Guild members' research and practice content in professional and mass media.

  • To promote Guild members at the website.

  • To run regular supervisions and professional support groups for Guild members.

  • To participate in contests and grants.

  • To run public events and lectures for non-professional audiences.

  • To cover Guild activities at the website.

  • To conclude partnership agreements with organizations and individuals carrying out similar activities in the helping practices field.

  • To encourage the most active and promising Guild members with awards, honorary certificates, and free participation in Guild events; to feature those members on the website.

  • To send Guild members on overseas trips for networking, educational, and training purposes.

  • To organize and run the Annual Research and Practice Conference, "Modern Therapeutic and Transformational Game Techniques", to reveal best practices.

  • To carry out outreach activities; to prepare and distribute printing and audiovisual aids on various psychological gamification techniques.

  • To carry out research and analysis of the present state, issues, and trends pertaining to the psychological services gamification field within and outside Russia. 

  • To conduct informational, analytical, and market research; to prepare expert material for Guild members, all interested parties, and the community.

  • To carry out editing and publishing activities.

  • To address other challenges in line with the Guild's statutory goals.

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