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The journal was established in 2017 to publish the main scientific and applied results of professional activities in psychology and gamification of psychological practices.

"Modern therapeutic and transformational play technologies" is a scientific and practical journal, which publishes the results of scientific and applied research; original materials on the problems of gamification of psychological practice.


The purpose of the journal is to meet the needs of the professional community of psychologists-game practitioners in scientific information on the gamification of psychological services and to form a space for effective exchange of experience. The achievement of this goal is ensured by the efforts of scientists and practitioners, teachers and students.


The Guild provides an opportunity to publish to all its members who are ready to share the results of their research, ideas, concepts, innovative experience, useful information with all readers, and looks forward to active and useful cooperation. We will be grateful to everyone who will provide not only their articles, but also responses to the materials published in the journal.

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