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Game Therapy Laboratory


Workshops every two weeks


The Game Therapy Laboratory is the first research and practice laboratory to offer solutions in the field of gamification help and business services. We are a group of qualified psychologists with an innovative vision and focused on the modern world. The pursuit of innovation allows us to create and apply effective gaming solutions in the field of practical psychology, psychotherapy, pedagogy and business consulting. A creative approach enables us to adequately respond with our projects to the actual needs of the time. At the same time, we are proud to continue the traditions of the national psychological school.

Workshops are held since 2014. We invite members of the Guild to join weekly meetings. Helping gaming environment makes the practice of psychologists, coaches and teachers - specialists of helping professions much more effective. Our classes will be devoted to joint creative search and exchange of creative ideas. Together we will begin to create our game - your professional tool right during the lessons.

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